Change Management


Change -  the permanent factor as general

                  rule of universe


Every organization, environment, company life, private life is influenced by change. Change is inherent in development. Without change no development.


The better an organization anticipates, reflects and adapts to changes the more successful an organization is. Thus a proactive management of change gives your organization the key comparative advantage to your competitors.




  • To accompany your organization with major changes as:           


  1. Organizational Restructuring

  2. Expansion phase

  3. Mergers & Acquisition

  4. Initial Public Offering



  • To assist you in the successful implementation of a tailor made sustainable change management system in your company.


  • To train your staff getting capable for managing changes in your organization.




according to Kottler´s  8-Step Process for Leading Change


  • Establish a Sense of Urgency
  • Create the Guiding Coalition
  • Develop a Vision and Strategy
  • Communicate the Change Vision
  • Empower Employees for Broad-Based Action
  • Generate Short-Term Wins
  • Consolidate Gains and Produce More Change
  • Anchor New Approaches in Your Culture