Controlling –   The permanent focus on results


Each organization, environment, company life, private life shall be controlled. Controlling is inherent in keeping on track. Without controlling no evaluation of success.


The better an organization has established controlling systems such as Balanced Scorecard, Key Performance Indicator Cockpits, the better it´s management is informed about the performance of the organization. Thus an effective controlling system is the essential assistance tool for driving your business forward.




  • To accompany your organization with the development of an integrated Controlling system



  1. Planning tool for budgeting

  2. Information

  3. Analyzing

  4. Corrective measures



  • To assist you in the successful implementation of a tailor made sustainable Controlling system in your company.


  • To train your staff getting capable for controlling issues.




Accordingly an 8-Step Process for Leading Finance Management


  • Analysis

  • Proposal according to Rating Criterias

  • Negotiation to with capital providers

  • Monitoring of Covenants

  • Relationship Management with Capital Providers and Investors

  • Investors Relation

  • Preparation of Presentations / Road shows