Feel good Management

You, as entrepreneur are interested in a sustainable investment in your company culture, to make you company more powerful. You are interested in the well-being of your staff. You regard your staff as key resource to success.


However, you are not satisfied with the present situation in your company. A lot of unproductive meetings without results take place, status of employee´s sickness is too high, fluctuation rate compared to competitors is too high, high burn-out rate among your staff, latent dissatisfaction among your staff, inner notices, work-to-rule mentality, lack of motivation, toxic employees, tranch-warfare and intrigues are at the expense of your company performance.


You, as entrepreneur do not tolerate this situation anymore. You decide, it is time for a change. It is time to take action. Start to implement a new company culture generating a new organizational behavior among your staff. We are ready to assist you.

We create for your company the framework, in which your most important resource “your staff” will feel good. Our measures comprise:


  •         Present analysis of the situation, systematic analysis of the needs of your staff
  •         Onboarding guidelines
  •         Work place layout
  •         Teambuilding
  •         Conflict management
  •         Motivation training
  •         Feedback culture
  •         Appreciation fora
  •         Community events
  •         Coaching
  •         Mentoring Systems

Your staff is learning to act in teams and take responsibility for each other.

Your staff is learning to act in the interest of the company culture.


On central component of success is to learn an appreciative way of communication.



Your benefit


The identification of your staff with your company is growing. Your staff is much more committing to your company. They are prepared to invest their heart blood. Overall the productivity and efficiency in your company is rising.

We promise that the improvements will be measurable in your company.


Results with your staff:

  •         Declining figures of employee´s sickness rate and related costs
  •         Declining fluctuation rate and related costs
  •         Declining cost hiring costs for new personnel
  •         Declining cost for covering job vacancies
  •         Much faster and more efficient familiarization of new employees with team and company
  •         Employees recommend your company as employer, stronger employer brand


  •         Productivity of the staff is rising
  •         Engagement and commitment is rising


  •         Ideas and own initiative are promoted
  •         Networking and exchange of knowledge rise


  •         Burn out rate is decreasing
  •         Rate of satisfaction is rising and less vulnerability to stress

Work climate:

The “WE” feeling is much stronger