Finance –   The important factor of resources



Every organization, environment, company life, private life shall be financed. Finance is inherent in for realizing targets. Without proper finance no funding of business.


The better an organization is financed, the better it´s rating and the higher the solvability and stability.  Thus a balanced financing represents the A&O of funding a business in the long run.


·   To accompany your organization with all finances procedures


              1)      Cash Forecasting

              2)      Negotiation with Capital Providers

              3)      Leasing, Factoring, Forfaiting

              4)      Investments


·  To assist you in the successful implementation of a tailor made balance finance management system in your company.



· To train your staff getting capable for finance issues. 


Accordingly an 8-Step Process for Leading Finance Management


·    Analysis

·    Proposal according to Rating Criterias

·    Negotiation with Capital Providers

·    Monitoring of Covenants

·    Relationship Management with  Capital 


·    Investor Relations

·    Preparation of Presentations /

      Road shows