Merger & Acquisition


Merger & Acquisition –   One possibility for growth


Each organization is inherent to expand its business. To merger with another company or to acquire  another company is a good strategy to generate growth, especially to reach in a certain period a critical size.  


The better an organization is prepared for a merger or an acquisition, the better the outlook for future growth.  Thus a well organized merger or a pro active acquisition represents the A&O of each growth strategy.




  • To accompany your organization with your growth strategy


  • To assist you in the successful implementation of a tailor made balance finance management system in your company.


  • To train your staff getting capable for the merger




Accordingly an 8-Step Process for Leading Merger & Acquisiton


  • Determinaton of the strategy

  • Target research and screening

  • Contacting the targets

  • Preliminary negogiations

  • Intensive negogiations with due diligence

  • Final negotiations and closing

  • Integration of the target

  • Post Merger Integration